Delimitação de áreas de preservação permanente (APP) na Bacia hidrográfica do rio Uma, Ibiúna, SP


The objective of the present work was to evaluate the environmental conditions of the Permanent Preservation Area of the Una River Basin, located in the city of Ibiúna, São Paulo, using remote sensing and geoprocessing techniques. For hydrographic APPs, the vectors referring to rivers, lakes, ponds, dams and reservoirs were considered, generating the marginal ranges according to the measures contained in legislation. The marginal ranges of the watercourses were obtained by delimiting buffers using the ArcGis 10.3 software. The results indicate the existence of environmental conflicts on the areas of Permanent Preservation Area in the Una Basin, related to the areas altered due to human actions. Among the activities detected, temporary crops had a higher percentage of occupation, 24.14%, followed by rural buildings 10.55% and degraded fields with 9.9%, once again strengthening the trend of occupation by man in areas close to water courses. The areas of APPs classified as anthropogenic or natural are distributed evenly in the river basin, where 50.26% is classified as a natural area and 49.74% in anthropogenic areas. This distribution shows the reality of degradation of areas that should Being in a state of permanent preservation in the Basin, for that reason environmental studies involving PPAs and watercourses are important in environmental management and planning.

MORAIS, Maria Cintia Matias de; LOPES, Elfanuy Reis do Nascimento; SOUZA, José Carlos de; SALES, Jomil Costa Abreu; SOUSA, Jocy Ana Paixão de; PADOVANNI, Naia Godoy; LOURENÇO, Roberto Wagner; ROMAGNANO, Lígia Ferrari Torella Di. Delimitação de áreas de preservação permanente (APP) na Bacia hidrográfica do rio Uma, Ibiúna, SP. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE SENSORIAMENTO REMOTO, 18., 2017, Santos. Anais… p. 3854-3861.

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