Evaluation of block copolymer PEG/PPG for nanocarrier Colloidal Stability


Polymeric Colloidal Nanocarriers (PCN) have been studied as controlled drug release systems. They are mainly prepared in two steps: water/oil nanoemulsion under a high pressure homogenizer followed by aqueous internal phase extraction for obtaining an anhydrous nanodispersion. Block copolymers which form micelles such as polyethylene glycol / polypropylene glycol (PEG / PPG) are presented as an interesting alternative for the incorporation in the encapsulating matrix of these PCN due to their ease of solubilization and their biocompatibility with biological systems. In this work, the PEG/PPG copolymer contribution on the stability of PCN dispersed in silicone was studied. The comparison of the kinetic stability of PCN with and without PEG/PPG copolymer demonstrated that this copolymer improves the kinetic stability of these PCN in silicone, allowing a matrice modifier alternative. The obtained nanocarriers with the copolymer showed a white opaque fluid aspect with uniform size distribution of particles with 260 nm to 280 nm mean diameter, with a polydispersity index of 0.07 and a spherical shape.

HOROIWA, Thais Aragão; OLIVEIRA, Adriano Marim; CERIZE, Natália Pereira Neto. Avaliação da contribuição de copolímero de bloco PEG/PPG na estabilidade coloidal de nanocarreadores. Revista IPT: Tecnologia e inovação, v.1, n.4, p. 84-92, abr., 2017.

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