Development and characterization of miltefosine-loaded polymeric micelles for cancer treatment


Miltefosine presents antineoplastic activity but high hemolytic potential. Its use in cancer has been limited to treating cutaneous metastasis of breast cancer. To decrease hemolytic potential, we developed a formulation of miltefosine-loaded polymeric micelles (PM) of the copolymer Pluronic-F127. A central composite design was applied and the analysis of variance showed that the optimum level of hydrodynamic diameter and polydispersity index predicted by the model and experimentally confirmed were 29 nm and 0.105, respectively. Thermal analyses confirmed that miltefosine was molecularly dispersed within PM. Pluronic-F127 PM with miltefosine 80 μM presented a significant reduction of hemolytic effect (80%, p < 0.05) in comparison to free drug. In vitro assays against HeLa carcinoma cells demonstrated similar cytotoxicity to free miltefosine and PM. Our results suggest that, by lowering hemolytic potential, miltefosine-loaded Pluronic-F127 PM a promising alternative to broaden this drug use in cancer therapy, as well as of other alkylphosphocholines.

VALENZUELA-OSES, Johanna K.; GARCIA, Mónica C. ; FEITOSA, Valker Araujo; PACHIONI-VASCONCELO, Juliana A.; GOMES-FILHO, Sandro M.; LOURENÇO, Felipe R.; CERIZE, Natália Neto Pereira; BASSÈRES, Daniela S.; RANGEL-YAGUI, Carlota O. Development and characterization of miltefosine-loaded polymeric micelles for cancer treatment. Material Science and Engineering: C., v.81, p.327-333, dez., 2017.

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