Biosyngas : biomass entrained flow gasification


Since the 1973 oil crisis, IPT has been working on R&D&I projects aiming at evaluating the viability of use of alternative energy sources, especially the conversion of solid fuels into gas. In the case of biomass, one of the Institute main focuses, gasification is seen as a mitigation tool for greenhouse gas emissions, mainly CO2. An average-sized (4Mt sugarcane) sugar/ethanol producer generates 800,000 tons of dry biomass per year. There are some well-established uses for it, but new more profitable and environmentally friendly alternatives deserve to be explored. Assuming that only half of the bagasse is available for gasification, 400,000 tons per year still means a 200MW plant, making industrial scale gasification possible. Gasification produces syngas which can then be turned into biofuels (hydrogen, ethanol, jet fuel, diesel – Fischer Tropsch process), energy (electricity), Fertilizer (ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate), fine chemicals, biopolymers (PP, PE). It has higher energy efficiency when compared to other uses of bagasse and can produce important base chemicals. Gasification is very sensible to raw materials, allowing for local development. The greatest challenge is to overcome the initial investment barrier, initially evaluated at US$ 3.0/W whereas it is required to be US$ 1.2/W, in order to make gasification a commercially competitive technology. Given the growth of sugarcane production in Brazil, gasification presents itself as an interesting destination for bagasse and straw. It allows for the production of syngas (H2+CO2) which can be turned into bio-diesel, monomers or other products for the chemical industry. IPT has been worked on the conceptual design of a pilot plant that will test technological alternatives for pre-treatment and gasifier operation to allow for construction of sufficient know-how to design an industrial plant. The total energy efficiency in the industrial plant, energy efficiency and economic feasibility calculations.

ETT, Gerhard; LANDGRAF, Fernando José Gomes; YU, Abraham Sin Oih; SILVA, André Luiz Nunis da; POÇO, João Guilherme Rocha; SILVEIRA, João Ricardo Filipini da; Derenzo, Silas. Biosyngas : biomass entrained flow gasification. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING FOR WASTE AND BIOMASS VALORIZATION, 5., 2014, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings… 12 p.

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