Avaliação da implantação de Product Life Cycle Management na indústria


With technological advancement and competitiveness among companies, it becomes necessary to adhere to systems that reduce costs, increase productivity and reduce errors. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a concept that aims to organize, control and manage all information related to product development from conception to disposal, integrating all areas of the company, for an efficient exchange of information in a highly collaborative environment. The differences between the scenarios of companies without and with the implementation of a PLM solution are presented. Questionnaires were carried out in companies that implemented PLM solutions to compare how it was before PLM implementation and what changed after PLM implementation, evaluating the benefits after implementation, and in large companies PLM solutions have proved to be efficient, whether in micro-enterprises or companies with low data volume, the cost-benefit of these solutions does not justify its implementation.

ABDALA, Ricardo Cassissa; MACHADO, Eduardo Luiz; DERENZO, Silas; SILVA, Eni Leide Conceição. Avaliação da implantação de Product Life Cycle Management na indústria. In: SIMPÓSIO DE ENGENHARIA DE PRODUÇÃO, SIMEP, 7., 2018, Montes Claros. Anais… 13 p.

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