Alteração dimensional à lavagem: comparação de métodos, wascator e quickwash


The objective of this work was to study the dimensional alteration to the lavage and to compare the results of the laboratory test in two equipments. A total of25 flat tissue and mesh samples were tested, and of flat tissues were eight samples composed of chemical fibers, four samples composed of natural fibers and three composites of fiber mixture. Four samples of chemical composition, three samples of natural composition and three samples of fibers were tested from the mesh fabrics. The experiments were performed in the Wascator automatic washing machine, using Iso 5077 and ISO 3759 and in the Quickwash accelerated washing machine, using the AATCC 187 and equipment manual. Comparing the results obtained in the two equipments, the samples tested presented closer values in some textile substrate in relation to others, the difference was 0.54% for flat polyester fabrics and 3.59% for flat viscose fabrics, in addition to Moreover, the coeff1- cients of variation were high in most of the results.

SERGIO, Ana Luiz; LIMA, Fernando Soares de; COSTA, Silgia Aparecida da; COSTA, Sirlene Maria da. Alteração dimensional à lavagem: comparação de métodos, wascator e quickwash. Química Têxtil, v.43, n.136, p.6-14, out., 2019.

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