A transferência de energia em moinho de esfera com o aumento da velocidade do eixo: ensaios praticos X ensaios simulados pelo método de elementos discretos


Beads mill has been used om coatings manufacturing for a long time. Recently much more has been requesting from the raw materials. The grinding research has been increased the importance in order to reach finer particles and nobler characteristics. Understand the process dynamics, and how the energy transfer occurring inside the mill allows the development of improvements. The aim of the research with DEM is understand the flow pattern, pumping power, number and intensity of the collisions as well, surface wear levels. The method of discrete elements – DEM refers to a numerical scheme that allows finite rotations and the displacements of discrete bodies with interaction with their neighborhoods through the contact laws. EDEM was the computational tool used to model and simulate scenery of the agitator beads mil. The mill Netzsch – "LabStar" was used to generate size of practical information in a grinding process. The simulation results indicate that the energy transferred is directly proportional to the shaft speed increase is observed in the real environmental by reducing the particle size of the ground product. The segregation of the types of collisions allows evaluate the process loss and mapping the intensity of beads movement.

BENEVIDES, Renata Roberti; CEKINSKI, Efraim. A transferência de energia em moinho de esfera com o aumento da velocidade do eixo : ensaios praticos X ensios simulados pelo método de elemtos discretos. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE TINTAS, ABRAFATI 2015, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABRAFATI, 2015. 12 p.

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