Influência dos compostos de enxofre na corrosividade da nafta ao cobre e ao aço-carbono


Light petroleum derivatives, such as naphtha, contain a wide variety of sulfur compounds in different amounts. In the literature, studies related to specific types of sulfur compounds present in petroleum derivatives are not available. Few studies were found that show the results of tests performed to verify the influence of some types of sulfur compounds on the corrosivity of naphtha on different metals. Most of these works are very old. Recent studies by the authors show extremely important results on the subject and still point out gaps to be filled. This paper reviews the limited literature related to the nature of sulfur compounds present in naphtha and their influence on naphtha corrosiveness especially on copper and on carbon steel. The results obtained by the authors are also presented and discussed and suggestions are given aiming at addressing the gaps identified by the authors.

FERRARI, Vanessa Yumi Nagayassu; ALMEIDA, Neusvaldo Lira de; TIROEL, Lorena Cristina de Oliveira; BONFIM, André Luiz Castro; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Influência dos compostos de enxofre na corrosividade da nafta ao cobre e ao aço-carbono. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR, 2016, Fortaleza. Proceedings.. Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 2016. 20 p.

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