Transport properties of copper-hedp complexes through ion exchange membranes for copper plating wastewater treatment


In this work, the transport properties of organometallic complexes across two ion-exchange membranes was evaluated. The chronopotentiometric curves for each membrane were obtained by using a three-compartment reactor and the electrodialysis tests were performed in a five-compartment laboratory-scale system. The results showed that the transport properties of both membranes is affected by the overlimiting mechanism of each membrane. The heterogeneous membrane was more effective for the complex transfer and for free HEDP transport. The percent extraction of copper complexes and free HEDP for the heterogeneous membrane was 63.3% and 117.8% greater, respectively, than the homogeneous membrane. The total demineralization rate was 63.3% higher for the heterogeneous membrane.

SCARAZZATO, T.; SILVA, J.M.; BERTIN, F.C.H.; ROSARIO, C.G.A.; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; PÉREZ-HERRANZ, V.; TENÓRIO, J.A.S.; ESPINOSA, D.C.R. Transport properties of copper-hedp complexes through ion Exchange membranes for copper plating wastewater treatment. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL & HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT, 5., 2016, Chania, Greece. Proceedings… 8 p.

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