Modificação de escória de aciaria fundida para aplicação em cimento


Steel slag can be an alternative in cement mineral admixture, partially as a substitute for blast furnace slag. A pyrometallugical process has been investigated to promote the chemical composition modification of molten steelmaking slag in a metallurgical reactor. Experiments were conducted by remelting 300 kg of steel slag followed by chemical modification of liquid slag. The modified slags were naturally cooled in the metallurgical reactor or cooled by steel balls. XRD and SEM analysis of slag samples revealed the relationship among chemical composition, cooling conditions and amorphous and crystalline phases. Cement samples were produced by mixing 25% of treated steelmaking slag with 75% of Portland cement, resulting in more than 280 J/g of accumulated hydration heat in 72 h, expansion lower than 0,1% in the autoclave tests and compressive strength higher than 42 MPa after 28 days. The process indicates potential to be applied as a steelmaking slag treatment.

FERREIRA NETO, João Batista; FREDERICCI, Catia; FARIA, João O.G.; CHOTOLI, Fabiano F.; RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos; QUARCIONI, Valdecir Angelo. Modificação de escória de aciaria fundida para aplicação em cimento. In: CONGRESSO ANUAL INTERNACIONAL ABM, 71., 2016, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… 9p.

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