Methane reforming catalyzed by direct reduced iron


The production of direct reduced iron (DRI) reached 72.6 million tons in 2015 and 80 % of it is produced with gas-based technologies, mostly by Midrex and Energiron processes (1). Traditionally, reduction gases composed predominantly of H2 and CO were generated in a separate reactor where methane was catalytically reformed either by reaction with steam or CO2. A different concept is now in use in which methane and steam are injected in the reduction reactor along with CO and H2. In this case, steam reforming of methane is performed inside the reduction reactor and it is said that the DRI works as catalyst for this reaction. These systems are denominated Zero Reformer or auto reforming processes in which occurs the in-situ reforming.

RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos; FERREIRA NETO, João Batista; POÇO, João Guilherme Rocha; TAKANO, Cyro; KOLBEINSEN, Leiv ; RINGDALEN, Eli . Methane reforming catalyzed by direct reduced iron. In: AISTech 2017, Nashiville, Tennessee’s, 2017. Proceedings… 11 p.

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