Rheology study for plasma atomized and HDH Ti13Nb13Zr powders


Powder characterization is extremely important for processing in Additive Manufacturing due to its influence in quality and mechanical properties of the final components. Powder characteristics such as flowability, compressibility, permeability, particle attrition and flooding are important for these technologies. Thus, apparent density, flow by gravity neither particle size distribution are enough to understand the powder behavior in this process. Additional information about powder behavior during flow can be obtained by rheological studies. The main of this work is compared the characteristic morphology, particle size distribution, flow, apparent density and rheological of Ti13Nb13Zr powders obtained by hydride–dehydride (HDH) and plasma atomization process with similar particle size distribution, in the range from 10 to 45 µm. This understanding will be useful to Additive Manufacturing technologies of powder bed fusion and direct energy deposition.

BAYERLEIN, Daniel Leal; FALCÃO, Railson Bolsoni; SALLICA-LEVA, Edwin; PAPINI, C.J.; FERREIRA NETO, João Batista; TAKIISHI, H. Rheology study for plasma atomized and HDH Ti13Nb13Zr powders. In: ANNUAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING WITH POWDER MATALLURGICAL CONFERENCE, 5., 2018, Texas. Proceedings… 11 p.

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