Study of the effect of NBC grain size in the liquid-phase sintering of NBC-NI cemented carbide by computational simulation


The main purpose for this work is to analyse the effect of NbC grain size in the liquidphase sintering process by computational simulation in DICTRA®. Morphological analysis by SEM and particle size distribution by laser granulometry were performed, and the results showed that there are NbC agglomerates of different sizes. Three different sizes of NbC according to particle size curve analysis. Liquid-phase sintering was simulated at 1420 °C considering a model with NbC and 12v%Ni, and the model with particles with radius of 0,35 μm showed total dissolution of NbC indicating that Nb and C in liquid phase came from carbide dissolution, and they are available to grain growth of the larger carbide particles.

MORAIS, Laura da Costa; BENEDUCE, Flavio; MAGNABOSCO, Rodrigo; RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos. Estudo do efeito do tamanho de partícula de NBC na sinterização em fase líquida do sistema NBC-NI via simulação computacional. In: CONGRESSO ANUAL ABM WEEK, 74., 2019, São Paulo. Anais… 8p.

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