The contact angle between liquid eutectic Fe-V-C alloy and polycrystal VC substrate


The sessile drop technique was used to evaluate the contact angle between liquid eutectic Fe-11wt%V-2.3wt%C alloy and VC substrate. This alloy solidifies through a eutectic reaction that starts at 1320ºC and leads to the formation of the faceted/non-faceted austenite-VC eutectic. The alloy sample/substrate set was positioned inside an alumina tube heated by horizontal resistance furnace at 4°C/min until 1420°C. After 12 minutes at this temperature, the set was cooling down to room temperature at the same rate. During the heating/cooling cycle a constant flow of ultra-pure Ar/5%H2 gas mixture was settled in the alumina tube, thus allowing to keep an atmosphere with oxygen partial pressure around 10-23 atm. The alloy sample was extracted from rods cast with high purity charge comprising iron, vanadium and graphite. The substrate was obtained through spark plasma sintering VC powder. The effect of sulfur on the contact angle and on morphology of the austenite-VC eutectic in both non-directionally and unidirectionally solidified specimens was investigated. It was shown that sulfur increases the contact angle and modifies the eutectic morphology, thus indicating a relationship between eutectic morphology and surface tension liquid eutectic/faceted phase VC.

BOCCALINI JR., Mário. CORRÊA, Alzira Vicente de Oliveira. The contact angle between liquid eutectic Fe-V-C alloy and polycrystal VC substrate. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOLIDIFICATION AND GRAVITY, 6., 2013, Miskilc, Hungria. Proceedings… 3 p.

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