Modernization of the hot strip rolling mill of IPT


The objective of this paper is to present the solutions implemented for modernization and automation of the pilot rolling mill on IPT. The Institute for Technological Research of the State of São Paulo-IPT, in partnership with the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, with support from Gerdau and BNDES, has been working during the past two decades with the development of wear-resistant alloys, primarily for use in work rolls for hot rolling. In order to conduct rolling tests to observe the roll damage resultant from successive hot rolling of carbon steel plates under controlled and monitored speed, load and temperature conditions, the IPT mill was revamp and modernized, so that the rolling cell can work autonomously, controlling and recording process data during the tests. The modernization of the mill was carried out in 3 steps: revamp and automation of the rolling mill and the heating furnace; assembly of the roll cooling system and instrumentation of the rolling mill to acquire load and temperature data.

BRAGA, Ana Paola Villalva; GONÇALVES, Alexandre; BOCCALINI JUNIOR, Mario; SOUZA, Roberto Martins de; SERANTONI, Claudia Regina. Modernização do laminador de tiras a quente do IPT. In: SEMINÁRIO DE LAMINAÇÃO PROCESSO E PRODUTOS LAMINADOS E REVESTIDOS, 51., 2014, Foz do Iguaçu. Anais… 10 p.

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