Coupled experimental-numerical analysis of wear of forging dies in pilot scale


The coordinate measuring technique was used in order to quantify the volume adhered, removed or simply plastically deformed on an upper forging die surface after some forging campaigns in a pilot forging press. This work is part of a research project that has studied wear on hot work tools, specifically hot rolling rolls, die casting molds and forging dies. The surface topology of the tool was acquired with a coordinate measurement machine (CMM) and the data acquired allowed the construction of wear profiles through the subtraction between the tool surface when new and after forging, which also allowed the generation of a “difference surface”. An interpolation of the measured profiles was made and an overview of the wear throughout the entire tool surface after each campaign was obtained. A numerical analysis of the process by 2D Finite Elements Method (FEM) was made and the results were compared with the experimental data. The work concludes that both the techniques are feasible to quantify the wear in this kind of tool.

GONÇALVES, Alexandre; LIMA, L.G.B.S.; BRAGA, Ana Paola Villalva; BOCCALINI JUNIOR, Mario; SOUZA, R.M. Coupled experimental-numerical analysis of wear of forging dies in pilot scale. In: SEMINÁRIO NACIONAL DE FORJAMENTO, 37., 2017, Porto Alegre. Anais… 13 p.

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