Corrosion control of reinforced concrete by acrylic resin injecton


Greater durability and lower maintenance costs of reinforced concrete structure demands propel a massive volume of studies in the area of construction, as on this particular study. Although under-researched and still scarcely disseminated, the injection of low viscosity acrylic resin has proved effective to correct failures in waterproofing characteristics and to control reinforcement corrosion of concrete structure. In this work, twenty-four concrete specimens with carbon steel reinforcement and an artificial crack, aligned with the bar, at the top surface were prepared. The crack was used, to promote the corrosive attack of the reinforcement by means of a solution containing 3 % of sodium chloride. Injections of acrylic resin with very low viscosity were applied to twelve specimens to observe its influence in initiating the corrosion process. During the monitoring phase, the macrocell current, as well as, the polarized and depolarized open circuit potential of upper and lower bars were measured. Results demonstrate that the intensity of the corrosive process by the injection of acrylic resin was considerably reduced. Penetration depth evaluations of acrylic resin in concrete pores were also carried out, in order to provide a better understanding of the penetrating capacity of injection process.

NICOLETTI, Diogo; CARDOSO, Juliana Lopes. Corrosion control of reinforced concrete by acrylic resin injecton. In: INTERNATIONAL CORROSION CONGRESS, 21., AND THE INTERNATIONAL CORROSION MEETING, 8., 2021, São Paulo. (on-line) Proceedings… 3p.

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