Characterization of Nb-alloyed high speed a teels in the as cast condition


The addition of Nb and Ti to produce a high speed steel with different volumetric factions and morphologyof NbC carbides was studied in the as cast condition. Five alloys were casted with the AISI M2 Matrix composition, being one with the matrix composition and four alloys with stoichiometric niobium (2.5% and 5.0%) and carbon additions for NbC carbide precipitation. In order to promote the morphology modification of NbC carbide TI(0,1% was added in two of these alloys. The alloys were characterized with optical and scanning electron microscopy and the results were correlated with thermodynamic calculation using CALPHAD methodology aiming to describe the solidification sequence of phase transformations. The thermodynamic modeling has shown a very good correlation with the experimental results.

FARINA, P.F.da S.; FARIAN, A.B.; BOCCALINI JUNIOR, Mario. Caracterization of Nb-alloyed high speed a teels in the as cast condition.In: INTERNAIONAL TOOLONG CONFERENCE – TOOL, 9., 2012, Loeben. Proceedings… p.123-131.

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