Studies of matrix hardening in high speed steels


High speed steels properties depend on their microstructure, which strongly depends on heat treatment and alloying elements used. High speed steels microstructure is formed by primary carbides embedded in a martensitic matrix. This work had as objective to study the effects of heat treatment and the addition of cobalt in the hardness of high speed steels. In order to achieve this goal, some heat treatments of quenching and tempering were performed in two high speed steels very similar in compositions, but one of them bearing cobalt. It was noticed that cobalt addition can improve the hardness of the matrix, which is related with the fraction of retained austenite. Also, it was possible to relate the austenitizing temperature with the hardness of the matrix after tempering.

ANDRADE, Roberto Silva de; CARVALHO, Felipe Moreno Siqueira Borges de; BRAGA, Ana Paola Villalva. Estudos de endurecimento de matriz em aços rápidos. In: SEMINÁRIO DE LAMINAÇÃO E CONFORMAÇÃO, 55., 2018, São Paulo. Anais… 9 p.  

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