Assessment of maturity and efficacy of toll collection ecosystems


Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (CobIT) establish maturity models; the assessment of process capability is an essential part of IT governance implementation. In an analogues manner, the efficacy of operations in Toll Collection Ecosystem could be evaluated using the same approach from CobIT. Maturity models enable managers to identify gaps in key processes and controls. It describes a tool to assess the maturity and effectiveness of all processes associated with the Toll Colletction Ecosystem. The Toll Collection processes constitute an ecosystem that involves the quality and maturity of operations, business, processes, institutional aspects, and equipment maintenance and infrastructure management. The creation of a methodology for effectiveness and maturity analysis of the full Toll Collection Ecosystem allows the establishment of quantitative and qualitative parameters, which many be assessed and monitored, therefore, enabling a useful tool for the operator’s and Government Regulatory Agencies’ decision-marking processes.

LEAL, Adriano Galindo; SANTOS, Alessandro Santiago dos; MIYAKE, Mário Yoshikazu; MARTE, Claudio Luiz. Assessment of maturity and efficacy of toll collection ecosystems. In: INTERNATIONAL IEE CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, 16., 2013, The Hauge, Netherlands. Proceedings… 6 p.

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