Effect of binary basicity and MgO content in the swelling of iron ore pellets


Swelling is a major problem during reduction of iron ore pellets. In order to decrease it, several modifications can be made in the pellets. As sinter gets each time more basic, lower basicity is desired for pellets. Addition of MgO as well as basicity modification by addition of lime has been pointed out as possible solutions. Based on this, this work studied the effects of MgO addition and basicity modification on the following properties of pellets: cold compression strength (CCS), porosity and swelling index. Pellets with additions up to 5% of MgO and basicity in a range of 0.67 to 1.5 were prepared. Porosity increased with MgO addition, and decreased with basicity; CCS decreased with MgO and increased with basicity up to 1.0, and then decreased. MgO additions and basicity increment helped to decrease swelling.


ANDRADE, Roberto Silva; RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos; MOURÃO, Marcelo Breda . Efeito da basicidade binária e do teor de MgO no inchamento de pelotas de minério de ferro. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE AGLOMERAÇÃO DE MINÉRIOS, 5., 2017, São Paulo. Anais…. Rio de Janeiro: ABM WEEK 2017. p.161-171

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