Extending SEMAT kermel to deal with developer error


Human errors during the software systems development processes are related with software system failure. Usually, these kinds of errors are consequence of the way of work of development team. Although there are a many reliability techniques to steer software systems development process, the repertory of models and techniques to deal with humans, the fundamental element of the process, are very limited. The interplay between Soft Systems Engineering and Software Engineering must be increasingly present in organizations that develop software systems. Soft System Engineering approach helps the software system development team to coordinate their work processes; it allows the development of a resilient environment to human error during development process, and steer the team to the development of software systems with quality. The Endeavor dimension of the SEMAT kernel has the essential elements of Software Engineering, and can be extended, to deal with the human error as early as possible in the software systems development process. This paper is about Work, Way of Work, and Team, three essentials elements of the SEMAT kernel, and Soft System Engineering as a practice that extend the kernel to deal with human error in the software system development

SIMONETTE, Macel J.; LAGO, Lucas Segismundo Moreno; SPINA, Edison. Extending SEMAT kermel to deal with developer error. International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, v.8, p.253-258, 2014.

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