Thermal paper: effects of hand creams and their oily components


Thermal paper is a special coated paper whose coating contains a substance sensitive to heat. The arising of the color is associated to the formation of a molecular complex between the dye and the color developer, called “color developing complex”. This complex is sensitive to oily substances, polar solvents, heat and humidity. This study evaluated the applicability of different hand creams to check the stability of the color developing complex on three printed thermal papers available in the Brazilian market. The results showed that thermal paper print stability presents a dependence on hand cream formulations. Five oily substances commonly found in hand cream formulations were also evaluated in order to find an oily substance with controlled physicalchemistry properties which could be used as a standard. Among these substances, refined lard was the one with the best results.

FERREIRA, Daniela Colevati; SANTOS, Janaina M. dos; IWASAKI, Mariana Tiemi; D’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero. Papéis térmicos: efeitos de cremes hidratantesseus componentes oleosos. Revista IPT: Tecnologia e Inovação, v.1, n.2, p.6-16, ago., 2016.

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