Avaliação de surfactantes na reciclagem de jornal e revista


This paper presents the results of the comparison of two surfactants used in the flotation step in the recycling of newspapers and magazines. It was used one sample of each type of paper and two surfactants: a commercial liquid soap and oleic acid in a laboratory scale recycling process. The yield of each process, the optical properties and strength properties of the handsheets and the color and total solids of the effluent were evaluated. The goal was to evaluate the ink removal efficiency of a better cost-benefit ratio surfactant and its impact over the fiber quality. The results showed that in the conditions used in this study, the commercial liquid soap has a better ink removal efficiency for the magazine than for newspaper, but with a lower yield in general. As for oleic acid the ink removal was better for the newspaper with higher yield.

Avaliação de surfactantes na reciclagem de jornal e revista. In: ABTCP INTERNATIONAL PULP AND PAPER CONGRESS, 48., 2015, São Paulo. Proceedings… São Paulo ABTCP, 2015. 10 p.

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