Modernization of a 10 kN deadweight force machine: status report


In this paper, we present a complete description of a renovation project of IPT’s 10 kN primary force standard. Details of the new design are described and we explain why it will allow better calibration procedures in accordance to the applicable standard. In addition, the project adequacy will be validated by calibration of a high quality load cell before and after the modernization process. We expect significant improvements in machine uncertainty due to the high repeatability of automatic calibration steps.

TACCOLA, Gregory Müller; FABRÍCIO JR., Carlos Alberto; NASCIMENTO, David Farias do; MOURA, Frank Omena de; SANTOS, Diego Silva Viana dos; OLIVEIRA, Diogo Luiz Moura de; GARCIA, Antônio Carlos Marques; LEÃO, Rodrigo Junqueira. Modernization of a 10 kN deadweight force machine: status report. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE METROLOGIA MECÂNICA, CIMEC, 3., 2014, Gramado. Anais… 5 p.

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