Analysis of the magnetic properties of a composite by using a 3D finite element method


Magentic powders mixed with polymeric resins have been studied to develop soft magnetic composites (SMCs). Their low magnetic losses in high frequencies (hundreds of Hz), together with their conforming freedom into new geometric shapes, have made possible the development of special electrical machines. SMCs’ properties have been analyzed either theoretically or experimentally. Studies concerning the demagnetizing factor for saturated composites, cluster formation influences and losses / coercivity behavior of parts prepared with crystalline and amorphous powder constitute significant contributions to the field. Despite such efforts, a proper comprehension of the magnetization process for intermediary magnetic fields, in order to apply this type of composite in electrical machines, is still necessary and barely found in literature. A possible methodology consists in combining the finite element method (FEM) to a system experimentally feasible. This comprises the outline of this work.

TEIXEIRA, J.C.; NABETA, S.; MARTIN, Ramon Valls PÉRIGO, E.A. Analysis of the magnetic properties of a composite by using a 3D finite element method. In: LATIN AMERICAN WORKSHOP ON MAGNETISM, MAGNETIC MATERIALS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS, 10., 2013, Buenos Aires. Proceedings…

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