Efeitos da radiação gama em propriedades de papel grau cirúrgico para embalagem


Packaging containing health products usually undergo sterilization processes, one of which employs gamma radiation. In this study two samples of surgical grade paper, coming from commercial packaging, one having only softwood fibers and the other having a mixture of softwood and hardwood fibers, were irradiated with gamma rays in the following doses 25kGy with dose rate of 1,57kGy/h and 50kGy with dose rate of 1,48kGy/h. The most affected properties were brightness, pH and the ones related to mechanical strength, with a less accentuated effect on mechanical properties of the softwood fiber paper sample. The dose 50kGy has a 10% to 15% higher effect on paper properties than the dose 25kGy, which is the one usually used for sterilization.

PORTO, Karina Meschini B.G. Porto; BORRELY, Sueli Ivone; D’ALMEIDA, Maria Luiza. Efeitos da radiação gama em propriedades de papel grau cirúrgico para embalagem. In: ABTCP INTERNATIONAL PULP AND PAPER CONGRESS, 46., 2013, São Paulo. Proceedings… São Paulo: ABTCP, 2013. 10 p

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