Proficiency testing schemes: part : importance in the pulp and paper sector


Products of assured quality are a requirement on today’s market. This demands that the laboratory results sustaining the information given for these products also have their quality proven. The productive chain of the pulp and paper sector is long and diversified and good quality of laboratory generated data in the various phases of this chain is indispensable, as based on them process decisions are reached, conformity analyses conducted, and transactions made. The Proficiency Testing Schemes (PTS), designed and run to guarantee the laboratory performance are usual tools to assure the quality of laboratory data. This work stresses the importance of these PTS for the pulp.

D\’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero; ZOUAIN, Disirée Moraes. Programa interlaboratoriais: parte 1: importancia no setor de celulose e papel. O Papel, v.71, n.5, p.39-52, 2010.

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