Proficiency testing schemes: part 2: case study for paper grammage test

The productive chain of the pulp and paper sector is long and diversified and the good quality of the data generated at the laboratories along this chain is indispensable, as it is on their basis that process decisions are reached, conformity analyses conducted, and transactions made. Proficiency Testing Schemes, designed and operated to guarantee good laboratory performance, are the usual tool to assure the quality of laboratory data. This report presents the results obtained from applying two rounds of a PT for paper grammage test. This parameter is particularly important, because paper is sold in terms of basis weight. Two similar paper grades were analyzed in each round of the scheme, the consensus average obtained from the results of the participating laboratories was used as reference value. The results are presented as a Younden plot. In the first round, four laboratories had an unsatisfactory performance, which was improved in the second round, due to the comments received from the provider

D\’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero; ZOUAIN, Desirée Moraes; KOGA, Mariza Eiko Tsuda; YOUN, Daniela . Programa interlaboratoriais : parte 2: estudo para o ensaio de gramatura de papel. O Papel, v.71, n.5, 53-62, 2010

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