Gamma radiation applied for sterilization of special helath care product packages


Ionizing radiations is one of the possibilities for the sterilization of packaging systems for health products. In the sterilization process it is fundamental to maintain the properties of the packaging materials. In this study, 25kGy was applied (gamma cell radiation) at two different packaging systems (pouches built by paper and multilayer film – “polyester + polyetilene” and “polyester + polypropylene”, for health products protection) in order to determine its effect, especially in the mechanical properties of the packaging materials. It was observed a decrease in the following properties: tensile strength (8,5 % – 11,7 %); sealing resistance (2.0 % – 20,1 %); bursting strength (10,9 % – 18,2 %); tearing resistance (19,4 % – 21,3 %). Although these parameters decreased after being submitted to gamma radiation, they still attend the requirements of the ABNT NBR 14990-3:2010 and ABNT NBR 154990-8:2004 standards, applied for compliance analysis of the studied packaging system. The pouch made of paper and multilayer film (“polyester + polyetilene”) showed the best performance

PORTO, Karina Meschini Batista Geribello; BORRELY, Sueli Ivone. Gamma radiation applied for sterilization of special helath care product packages. In: INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR ATLANTIC CONFERENCE, 2011, Belo Horizonte. Proceedings… Rio de Janeiro: ABEN, 2011. 7 p.

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