Model of interlaboratorial program for the dirt and shieves estimation in cellulose pulp

The application of an Interlaboratorial Program for the dirt and shives estimation, using pieces of industrial cellulose pulp as test items, must consider the fact that these kinds of dirties occur in a random way. Thus on cannot simply prepare the test items from one pulp sample, send them to the participant laboratories and compare their results. This study presents a model of Interlaboratorial Program in which all the test items are previously analyzed by a reference laboratory and the differences between the results of this laboratory and the ones from the participants are the basis to determine the compatibility of the group. Three interlaboratorial rounds were performed with the suggested methodology that showed to be applicable.


D’ALMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero; YASUMURA, Patrícia Kaji; KOGA, Mariza Eiko Tsukuda. Modelo de programa interlaboratorial para o ensaio de pintas e estilhas em placas de pastas celulósica. In: CONGRESSO IBEROAMERICANO DE INVESTIGACION EN CELULOSA Y PAPEL, 5., 2008, Guadalajara, México. Proceedings… CIADICYP, 2008. 7 p.

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