The evolution of noise from household appliances in the last 30 years in Brazil


In the last three decades, great technological evolution in several areas is being witnessed. Electronic equipment has occupied more and more space in daily activities as assistants in the execution of tasks, helping to perform various activities. In homes, household appliances are used to help with domestic cooking, cleaning and personal care. These appliances are, in general, noise sources for the user and their neighbours. With the change in habits, which has been occurring in the last decades, mainly due to unconventional working hours, the use of household appliances can occur at any time, including at periods considered as resting time. As they are currently used at different times, the devices should have a low level of sound power, so that during their use there is no discomfort to the neighbours. This work shows the evolution of the noise level emitted by motor-powered household appliances, in the last 30 years, in Brazil, taking into account the type of use, the electrical power associated with the appliance and the noise legislation.

AQUILINO, Marcelo de Mello; IKEDA, Cristina Yukari Kawakita. The evolution of noise from household appliances in the last 30 years in Brazil. In: CONGRESS INTERNOISE, 2020, Suel, Coreia do Sul. Proceedings on-line… 8 p.

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