Patent valuation in universities: a case study in a Public University of São Paulo


The enactment of the Brazilian Innovation Act, in 2004, meant an incentive for technological innovation and technology transfer from universities to companies. In this context, the valuation of patents consists in a fundamental activity to assign value to technologies created by research institutes and universities. However, the valuation of patents is an incipient process in the context of Brazilian’s universities Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs). Thus, the objective of this work is to analyze how TTOs use the methods of valuation of patents in the process of assigning value to the technologies of public universities in the state of São Paulo. Additionally, this study aims to: (a) identify patent valuation methods used by TTOs by public universities in the São Paulo state; (b) analyze the importance of valuation within the framework of the activities of TTOs and (c) identify which factors support and difficulty valuing patents of public universities in the state of São Paulo. The research methodology was exploratory and qualitative research, with a single case study in one of the main public universities TTOs in the state of São Paulo. It was found that the TTO analyzed the uses cost and market-based approaches, predominantly with the application of royalty rates and sunk cost methods, exclusively to support the negotiation of Industrial Property Rights to the licensing for the productive sector. It is suggested for future work, the expansion of the scope of this paper to analyze the assessment in private universities, particularly in terms of its importance in the amounts to be received by the commercial exploitation of the technologies transferred and/or patents licensed to the productive sector.

TUKOFF GUIMARÃES, Yuri Basile; KNIESS, Cláudia Terezinha. Patent valuation in universities: a case study in a Public University of São Paulo. In: INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS CONFERENCE, 17., 2014, São Paulo. Proceedings…. 6 p.

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