Competitiveness improvement of small enterprises employing GESPRO Program


The national scenario is comprised of high corporate mortality rates, especially for micro and small companies which do not always have the human resources with the necessary technical knowledge and management skills. The Technological Support Center for Micro and Small Companies of IPT, through the Production Management Program – GESPRO, aims at contributing to improve the process of production management of companies, by identifying and proposing solutions to problems such as: bottleneck of the production processes, material management; proper production cost assessment; inadequate layout; planning; scheduling and production control and others. This paper presents the work methodology of GESPRO and its application in a company that manufactures and markets packaging systems and rigid-plastic packaging sealers for food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The obtained results were also presented.

KATAYAMA, Mary Tomita; SEGUSHI, Jun Muramatsu; VITORUZZO, Djair; COELHO, João Carlos Martins. Aumento em competitividade em pequenas empresas utilizando a ferramenta operacional GESPRO. Revista IPT – Tecnologia e Inovação, v.1, n.6, p.5-12, dez., 2017.

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