Rainfall erosivity for Pantanal biome


The scarcity of pluviograph data in the Pantanal zone forced many researchers to use regression equations obtained in others regions of Brazil to calculate the R factor of Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE). This study defines a model to predict the erosivity of the Pantanal Biome correlating the calculated rainfall erosivity index EI30 and the rainfall coefficient (Rc). The model showed a significant correlation with the observed data, yielding coefficient of determination of 97%. Therefore, the rainfall erosivity model proposed can be used to estimate the R Factor of USLE data from monthly and annual precipitation for the region and other regions with similar climatic characteristics.

MACHADO, Daniel Okamoto; ALVES SOBRINHO, Teodorico; MACHADO, Aline Ribeiro; IDE, Carlos Nobuyoshi; OLIVEIRA, Paulo Tarso Sanches. Erosividade da chuva para o bioma Pantanal. Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental, v.19, n.2, p.195-201, abr.,/jun., 2014.

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