Desempenho acústico: comparações entre simulações e medições em campo em edificações residenciais


In 2013, The Standard NBR 15575 introduced the so far nonexistent mandatory acoustic performance requirements for residential buildings in the brazilian Civil Construction scenario. With the goal of predicting the meeting of the standard requirements, the acoustic performance computational simulation took place in the phase of residential building projects. Regulated calculations allow the verification of the mandatory items of acoustic performance by the Standard NBR 15575 in a building before its construction starts. These tools help to avoid future problems, complaints and unpredicted costs. To show the importance of the simulation and the precision of the results, this article presents a comparison among the acoustic performance results of two residential buildings based on computational simulations made in project phase and the results that were measured on the same buildings after its construction. The comparison of the results allows the verification of reliability level on the computational simulation compared to the measure made on the field. The difference is no bigger than 2 dB on almost all the cases. Only one situation showed a bigger difference, but it was affected by the calculation method. In some cases the difference was less than 2 dB or even nonexistent.

FENGLER, Bárbara; SOWMY, Daniel Setrak; GINER, José Carlos. Desempenho acústico: comparações entre simulações e medições em campo em edificações residenciais. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE CONFORTO NO AMBEITNE CONSTRUÍDO, 16., ; ENCONTRO LATINO-AMERICANO DE CONFORTO NO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, 12., 2021, Palmas. on-line. Anais on-line… Palmas: Associação Nacional de Tecnologia do Ambiente Construído, 2021 p.78-87.

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