Corrosão do aço-carbono em ácido sulfúrico concentrado


One of the greatest problems faced in the production of concentrated sulfuric acid is its storage and transportation, considering that this acid is very aggressive. Carbon steels are the most commonly used alloys for construction of storage tanks for concentrated sulfuric acid. When these alloys come into contact with concentrated sulfuric acid, severe corrosion takes place immediately, forming a protective layer on the surface. Corrosion rates are very high at the beginning of the exposure, however due to the formation of the protective layer, the corrosion rates decrease assuming almost constant values. Mean values of the corrosion rates of carbon steel in concentrated sulfuric acid can be found in the literature; however, data on the variation in mass loss per unit area as a function of the immersion time are rare. This type of study is important it allows estimating the time for the formation of the protective layer. This study aims to show the curves of variation of weight loss per unit area versus time for the ASTM A36 and for API 5L Gr. B in sulfuric acid at concentration of 93.5%, 96% and 98% at 25°C, 33°C,40°C e 50°C, in a stagnant condition

PANOSSIAN, Zebhour; SILVA, Claudete de Souza, SANTOS, Mariliza; RUFINO, Cesar Henrique; PIMENTA, Gutemberg de S.; SILVA, Carlos Alexandre Martins da; COELHO, Jorge Fernando Pereira; ARAÚJO, Marcelo. Corrosão do aço-carbono em ácido sulfúrico concentrado. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR 2012, 32., 2012, Salvador. Anais…Salvador: ABRACO, 2012. 24p.

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