Comparative study of the corrosion resistance of zinc electrodeposits obtained in chloride bath with additives and in sulfate / chloride bath without additives; part 2: corrosion resistance of the electrodeposits


This paper is the second part of the work whose purpose is to compare the characteristics, formability and corrosion resistance of zinc coatings produced by electroplating in a chloride-based bath with additives and a sulfate/chloride bath without additives. The first part presented the methodology and the results of the characterization tests and of the formability tests. This part presents the methodology and the results of the immersion tests in a sodium chloride solution and of two corrosion accelerated tests (salt spray and humidity). The obtained results showed that the coating obtained from an additive-free sulfate/chloride bath has increased corrosion resistance more than the coating obtained from a chloride bath with additives. The superiority of the former was related to the texture of the zinc and the absence of residual stresses in the coating.

SANTOS, Fabiano Raymundo dos; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Estudo comparativo da conformabilidade e da resistência à corrosão de eletrodepósitos de zinco obtidos em banho de cloreto com aditivos e em banho de sulfato/cloreto sem aditivos; parte 2: resistência à corrosão dos revestimentos. Tecnologia em Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração, v.15, n.2, p.137-143, abr./jun., 2018.

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