Estudo sobre sistemas de proteção catódica em meios contendo bactérias e alta salinidade


The bottom of oil storage tanks can corrode due to the accumulation of produced water and also the high concentration of bacteria that are known to MIC process, especially the SRB and iron-bacteria. The cathodic protection with galvanic anode associated with high performance organic coatings have been used to protect these devices. However, according to the literature, the limits of cathodic protection potential are not the same when these microorganisms are present. In this case, it is usual to polarize -100 mV, raising the potential to -900 mV (Ag/AgCl). Nevertheless, this criterion is not consensus in the literature; some researchers argue that the potential of up to -1300 mV (Cu/CuSO4) is not able to protect structures in presence of bacteria. In this work, different potentials of cathodic protection and also galvanic protection, in high salinity media containing bacteria were studied. Tests were performed with produced water, with the original concentration of bacteria and in sterile water with SRB and iron-bacteria. The results showed that the cathodic protection with impressed current and galvanic anode was effective to prevent general corrosion. Localized corrosion was observed only when the medium was sterilized and with subsequent inoculation of SRB and iron-bacteria, even in presence of cathodic protection. In tests with natural produced water, with original concentration of bacteria, cathodic protection was effective in preventing both general and localized corrosion

ALMEIDA, Neusvaldo Lira de; PIMENTA, Gutemberg de Souza; FERRARI, Vanessa Yumi Nagayassu; ARAÚJO, Marcelo; LUTTERBACH, Márcia T.S.; OLIVEIRA, Viviane de; LAURINO, Eduardo W.; OLIVEIRA, Johny H.; SANTOS, Mariliza dos. Estudo sobre sistemas de proteção catódica em meios contendo bactérias e alta salinidade. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR, 2014, Fortaleza. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 2014. 15 p.

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