Elimination of corrosivity of hydrated ethanol fuel through ion-exchange resin treatment


Based on ion exchange principles and the chemical analysis of regularly produced hydrated ancohol and considering corrosion problems found when this alcohol is used as fuel, the use of ion exchange resinsis proposed to purifity hydrated alcohol and hence, eliminate its corrosiveness. This alternative takes advantage of high efficiency with significantly low cost compared to other alternatives or to the surface treatments required as a function of the fuel´s agressivity. Available preliminary results evidenciate a modification in the agressivity of alcohol fuel as well as the possibility to obtain adequate physic-chemical properties of final product and the ability to standardize products from different sources or regions. Additional research work and follow up from vehicles testings with treated alcohol were done and they confirm presented results.

Reference :
OLIVEIRA, Aurélio N.; TANAKA, Deniol K. Eliminação da corrosividade do álcool etílico hidratado combustível pelo tratamento com resinas de troca iônica. In: SIMPÓSIO DE ENGENHARIA AUTOMOTIVA, 3., 1985, São Paulo. Anais… (IPT PUB.2047)

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