Critical steps for microplastics characterizatin from the atmosphere


The microplastics found in many environments, whether in atmospheric, terrestrial, aquatic marine, or freshwater systems, result from exaggerated consumption of plastics. These, when discarded incorrectly, persist in the environment, and degrade into many forms. Researchers have studied microplastics using many collection and characterization methodologies, yet often obtaining divergent results for the same environments. This study presents a bibliographic review of sampling and characterization methodologies for nano and microplastics in the atmospheric environment. Part I of this review presents sampling types and pre-treatment microplastics found in the air to elucidate the principal means of separating plastic species with consequent polymer identification. In Part II, Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy techniques are evaluated for their precision in microplastic identification. The study demonstrates by a systematic revision that depending on the MPs origin, certain characterization techniques are more appropriate. Considering the direct influence of sample impurities, sample pre-treatment is a critical step for correct chemical identification.

GALVÃO, Luciana dos Santos; FERNANDES, Emília Mori Sarti; FERREIRA, Rafaela Reis; ROSA, Derval dos Santos; WIEBECK, Hélio. Critical steps for microplastics characterizatin from the atmosphere. Journal of Hazardous Materials, v.424, Part C, Feb., 127668, 2022.

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