Service life extension of concrete structures with galvaneved rebar


To hot-dip galvanize the reinforcement is a technique for protecting the concrete structures against premature degradation due to corrosion. This technique has been successfully applied (since 1930s) in different kinds of buildings, especially when the concrete structure is exposed to conditions of medium to high aggressiveness. The ABNT NBR 6118 recommends this technique among others procedures in adverse exposure, as marine and industrial environment. The zinc coating acts as a barrier isolating the rebar. In exposed rebar, the coating acts as sacrificial anode being consumed (corroded) preferably over steel. With the zinc coating corrosion, there is a decrease in permeability of the concrete. In this paper we discussed the process of galvanization, normalizations available and other topics related to the application of this technique in the corrosion protection.

ARAUJO, A. de; PANOSSIAN, Z. Extensão da vida útil das estruturas de concreto com uso de armaduras zincadas. Téchne, v. 19, n. 170, p. 72-76, maio. 2011.

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