Quantitative niobium content determination in iron-niobium aloy through X-ray spactroscopy


Quantitative niobium content determination in iron-niobium alloy through X-ray spectroscopy is proposed. The niobium determination through wet chemistry presents difficulties due to interference of other chemical elements present in the iron-niobium alloys whose properties are very close to niobium properties. The proposed method overcomes this difficulty. The sample preparation by mechanical means is, however, very difficult and the distribution of the elements in the alloy is not uniform. Therefore, the use of iron-niobium alloy references are not available. To overcome this problem, we propose the fusion of the powdered alloy, followed by extraction in aqueous medium. To avoid the influence of other alloy elements, we employ an internal zirconium reference.


FUJIMORI, Kenkichi; DI GIORGI, Francisco. Determinação quantitaiva do nióbio em ferro-nióbio por espetroscopia de raios-x. Metalurgia ABM, São Paulo, v.30, n.204, p.751-752, nov., 1974.

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