Differential aeration corrosion


This paper was elaborated consulting some of the classical corrosion books and the first experimental results of a master work related to differential aeration corrosion of carbon steel in NaCl 3,56% solution. The literature brings lots of controversies and doubts in relation to this subject. Nowadays, there is an idea that in a differential aeration cell the electrode in contact with the unaerated or less aerated solution suffers attack in more extension than the electrode in contact with the aerated solution. Studying with more details it is possible to explain the controversies talking into account the passivation of the metal and the related parameters, such as quality of the water (pH and its hardness) and ohmic resistance of the system.

PANOSSIAN, Z.; OHBA, M. Corrosão por aeração diferencial. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CORROSÃO, 18., 1995, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 1995. v  1, p. 664-675 (V-XI)

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