Aerosol can corrosion


A case history of aerosol can corrosion is reported. Tinplate cans have been perfurated at crevices formed between the can body and the can bottom. Can substrate was found less noble than tin coating to the active product, favoring attack against the can wall. Pits were observed mainly at the coating defects. Cans with the best performance were these in which tin coating thicknesses were larger and in which compound lining did not reach the crevice at the double seam.

Di GIORGI, Francisco; TANAKA, Deniol K. Corrosão em latas de aerosol. In: SEMINÁRIO NACIONAL DE CORROSÃO, 11., 1984, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: Ass. Bras. Corrosão, 1984. p. 115-122.

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