Comparison between fatigue performance of two different aircraft riveted joints


This work presents results of static and fatigue tests carried out on asymmetric butt riveted joints in order to evaluate their fatigue performances. Two rivet designs largely employed in the aircraft industry were analyzed in aluminum sheet joining: the traditional Briles rivet and the HST11 rivet. In the static tests, specimens were instrumented with strain gages to quantify secondary bending effects induced by the joint asymmetry. The results of these tests partially explain the fatigue performance of the riveted joints. Briles rivet joints presented shorter fatigue life under high loads but longer fatigue life under low loads when compared to HST11 rivet joints. Besides providing fatigue life results for these specific joints, the experiments showed that the fracture location depends on the applied load and may not occur on rivet installation holes despite the stress concentration characteristic of these regions.

ALMEIDA, Rynaldo Zanotele Hemerly de; CARUNCHIO, André Ferrara; RAMOS JUNIOR, Roberto; MENDONÇA, Willy Roger de Paula. Comparison between fatigue performance of two different aircraft riveted joints. In: ABCM INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MECHANICAL, 23., 2015, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings…

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