Compared analysis of near-field photometry on a led projector


Among the types of goniophotometer, two are being studied in this work: the far-field goniophotometer using mirrors and silicon sensor, and near-field goniophotometer with CCD camera and silicon sensor. To make a comparison between laboratory measurement systems was used as a sample a LED projector. Considering the measurements of luminous flux and the distribution intensities, we can see that the measures taken are compatible with each other, which is expressed mainly by maximum variation of 6,5% of the total luminous flux emitted by the luminaires and the curves obtained format. To improve the analysis, it is recommended to carry out another Interlab with a sample containing a larger amount of singularities in the intensity distribution curve, configuration measures with a resolution of at least 0.5 °, to increase the number of laboratories participants and adoption of uniform criteria for the alignment of the luminaire when installed in the device.

SANCHES JÚNIOR, Oswaldo; SIRIACO, Michelle C.S. Compared analysis of near-field photometry on a led projector. In: COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ ECLAIRAGE, Manchester, 28;. 2015, Manchester. Proceedings… 9 p.

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