Comparative study of the corrosion resistance of zinc electrodeposits obtained in chloride bath with additives and in sulfate / chloride bath without additives; part 1: electrodeposit characteristics


Continuous zinc plating is traditionally performed in sulfate/chloride bath without additives. This type of coating is dull. Bright coatings are obtained only with additional treatments as brushing. In the marked, chloride baths with additives are available for producing bright coatings without additional treatments. However, the performance of the later, regarding formability and corrosion resistance, is not well known. This work aimed at characterizing zinc coated sheets produced using the two mentioned plating baths. The performance of these coatings was verified through a qualitative formability test and through corrosion tests. The results obtained showed the significant influence of the crystallographic texture of zinc deposits on the formability and on the corrosion resistance. This work will be presented in two parts. This first will present the methodology and the results of characterization tests, as well as the results of a qualitative formability test. The second part will present the methodology and the results obtained regarding corrosion resistance.

SANTOS, Fabiano Raymundo dos; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Estudo comparativo da conformabilidade e da resistência à corrosão de eletrodepósitos de zinco obtidos em banho de cloreto com aditivos e em banho de sulfato/cloreto sem aditivos: parte 1: caracterização dos revestimentos. Tecnologia em Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração, v.15, n.2, p.129-136, abr./jun;. 2018.

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