Brazilian iron ore and production of pellets


Brazil is the second-largest producer of iron ore in the world. Brazilian richer superficial deposits are composed of brittle material with fine texture and significant amounts of fines are generated during mining and transport. Another type of ore found in this country is the itabirites that have lower iron contents. Beneficiation and concentration steps are required to prepare these materials for the pelletizing process. A general view of Brazilian types of iron ores, mines, and mining companies is given in this work. Special attention is given to pelletizing and the influence of mineralogical characteristics of different ores on the production and final properties of iron ore

MORAES, Sandra Lucia de; RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos. Brazilian iron ore and production of pellets. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review An International Journal, v.40, n.1, p.16-23, jun., 2019. 

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