Watts nickel plating. Part X: Nickel/chromium and copper/nickel/chromium multilayer coatings


In this paper, decorative chromium coatings are discussed. The properties of different types of nickel coatings (bright and semi-bright) and discussed, pointing out their characteristics, their uses and their corrosion resistance performance. The goal of the use of multi-layer coatings, nickel/chromium and copper/nickel /chromium, are discussed in details. The protection mechanisms of duplex and triplex nickel coatings are also discussed. Finally, the decorative chromium coating specifications for the different conditions of service are presented.

PANOSSIAN, Z. Banho de níquel tipo Watts; parte 10: revestimentos múltiplos do tipo níquel/cromo e cobre/níquel/cromo.  Tratamento de Superfície, São Paulo, v. 18, n. 84, p. 34-39, 42-43, 46, 50-51, 54-55, jul./ago., 1997 (V-XI)

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